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головные уборы
или похожее на них

Riitta Ikonen // Eyes as Big as Plates exhibition at the The Finnish-Norwegian Culture Institute in Oslo,
Norway From 12th January until the 25th February 2012

Fotos de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, México: Niña Tehuana

A Lissu child poses in a large turban and decorative silver pendents.

Thracian Threads bulgaria

FHR by Decker Kutic

Kokoshnik (Russian headdress), late 1700s, The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Brooklyn Museum Collection)

Africa | A witch doctor, or bwanavide, dressed for a healing ceremony in the village of Kikondja in eastern Congo | © Robert Caputo.

Yemen, by Steve McCurry



Roadkill Couture by EatonNott - Shot by Kenny McCracken

"The Amaterasu Bride". Self-portrait by Kimiko Yoshida

1903 costume ball :: 1172.jpg picture by GrandDuchessAlly - Photobucket

Ladakh - India > People | 'Young Lady' © Kieron Nelson

Mary Designs - Minas Trend Preview Show

Dimitris Alexandrou

two priests of the hopi two horn society (representing the extra-terrestrials,
keepers of the balance of the stars, sun, sky, and moon,
and protectors and guardians of human life and everything on earth.
Intermediaries between the living and the dead.)

Tomihiro Kono

Artist: Nora Fok. (LEFT) Armadillo, (nylon) 2007. Inspiration: Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. (RIGHT) Princess Pagoda, (nylon) 2005. Inspiration: Chinese Pagoda.

Chanel › Paris-Moscou Accessories '2009

(Peter Gray & Masa Honda)

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